Waterproof wall options for your contemporary bathroom

06 Oct

One important aspect of bathroom design is that of choosing the perfect waterproof wall option for your bathroom. Contemporary bathrooms

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How to create the perfect bathroom for two

06 Oct

For busy romantics who like to relax and get to work on time...  If you spend your mornings elbowing

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How to upscale your bathroom with boutique hotel chic

04 Aug

If you want to add some style and chic to your bathroom, then look to the boutique hotel for

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Tips for an industrial-style contemporary bathroom

27 Jul

For anyone who loves to experiment with contemporary theming and bold statements, the current trend for creating industrial décor

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Modern bathroom ideas for your home

19 Jul

Modern bathrooms help create a clean and simplistic atmosphere and space. To create this perfect bathroom design your

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Bathroom flooring options to complement your new designer bathroom

10 Jul

When it comes to selecting suitable flooring for a bathroom design project, there are a number of potential options for

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Design ideas for a contemporary family bathroom

03 Jul

A family bathroom needs to work as a practical and relaxing space for the entire family. There's no reason

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Why a modern bathroom is good for mind and soul

29 Jun

Many people view their bathroom as a place to simply use the toilet or wash themselves when, in reality, it's

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De-clutter with these clever bathroom storage solutions

20 Jun

Bathroom storage is essential for keeping your bathroom in working order. Tidy and clutter free are key ingredients to make

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How to get a Pinterest-worthy bathroom

12 Jun

Pinterest is the home of inspiration for everything from weddings to home renovation. Bathrooms are high on the agenda,

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The top bathroom design trends of 2017

02 Jun

Are you ready to create your dream bathroom? Struggling for a little inspiration? Don't fear. We've put together the top

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Optimise your space with these small bathroom ideas

26 May

Not all homes have large bathrooms- and that's okay! A small bathroom can be both stylish, space-efficient and practical with

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Quirky ideas for your bathroom design

22 May

Lots of people love the idea of being different and having unique items in their home that will intrigue and

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The ultimate luxury bathroom

11 May

While most of the rooms in our houses are tailored to our needs for comfort, relaxation, security and aesthetic appeal,

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How to create a vintage inspired bathroom

09 May

A vintage inspired bathroom has the ability to transport you back in time once you enter. You can create a

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6 things to consider when designing your dream bathroom

02 May

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the household, which means the need for designer bathrooms

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Freestanding bathtubs: the common misconceptions

20 Apr

If it's luxury that you're after with your new bathroom design, then a freestanding bathtub will certainly provide that. Having

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3 signs it's time to redesign your bathroom

11 Apr

Have you ever had people unexpectedly call round to visit? You rush around in a panic finding the best

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Tips when remodelling a bathroom to accommodate a disabled person

04 Apr

As people become older and less mobile, their needs change, and sometimes it’s necessary to make adjustments to the

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Bathroom tile ideas to give your bathroom style

28 Mar

Bathroom tiles are a great way to create a signature style for your bathroom. New bathroom tiles will add a

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Why good design is important for a bathroom

21 Mar

The design of a space is important for any room, but it's particularly key in a bathroom. If you're

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