Why good design is important for a bathroom

21 Mar

The design of a space is important for any room, but it's particularly key in a bathroom. If you're considering a bathroom refit, here's why you should put design considerations at the top of your agenda.

A multi-use space

Most bathrooms pose a dilemma. They're often the smallest room in the home, yet are used the most frequently. Making effective use of this space so that it fulfils the different functions and requirements of all the family, demands meticulous bathroom design consideration. 

Good design ensures that fixtures are appropriately placed to make the most of the space available, that you've got adequate storage and that the lighting enhances the ambience of the room.

Increasingly, many of us retreat to the bathroom after a long and busy day, so adding a few design touches such as heated towel rails, a rain-head shower or ambient lighting can create a relaxing, spa-like experience.


Good bathroom design doesn't just consider the here and now. It's about taking a long-term approach. On the one hand, you'll want materials and fixtures that are durable and stylish, so that they suit the space but can cope with the demands of this moisture-rich environment. Yet, you'll also want a bathroom that can grow with you and adapt to any changes to your family life or requirements over time.


Stylish bathrooms that have been well designed make for a great investment and can increase the value of your home. If you're thinking of selling in the future, bespoke bathrooms are highly regarded by potential homebuyers. 

Refurbishing your bathroom more than you need to can also prove costly and inconvenient, so it pays to get it right the first time round with good design, to increase your bathroom's shelf life.

Make life easy

Designer bathrooms don't just offer aesthetic appeal or durability. When good design principles are applied to contemporary bathrooms, they can also make the space easier to clean and look after. By careful selection of materials, flooring, wall finishes and countertops, you can pick those options that give you the level of maintenance you're happy to manage in this space. 

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