3 signs it's time to redesign your bathroom

11 Apr

Have you ever had people unexpectedly call round to visit? You rush around in a panic finding the best china and the cleanest towels or lay out a new tablecloth, and then the feeling hits you: what about my bathroom? If you've experienced a similar panic, it may be time to change or update your bathroom. Discover if you can relate to our top three reasons why it's time to redesign! 

1. You nit-pick and feel frustrated 

If you find yourself becoming frustrated at the idea of going into your bathroom, or you find yourself getting annoyed at the placements within, then it's likely your layout doesn't suit your lifestyle. We spend a frequent amount of time popping in and out of our bathrooms, so it's important that the designs are both convenient and practical for your lifestyle. You can improve your bathroom in many simple ways such as changing the lighting, adding more organisation such as shelves or cabinets, or you can update your bath/shower situation.

2. Your circumstances are changing 

If you’re expecting a new addition to the household, or your family has grown quickly, then it might be time to think about making your space more modern to suit your ongoing needs. A growing family means a bigger demand for your bathroom. Try installing a bigger bath, or add another sink to cope with the influx of teeth-brushing, hair drying, and face pampering routines! In contrast, if the family is getting smaller and you're facing an empty nest, then perhaps you could change your bathroom to suit your individualistic lifestyle. 

3. You plan to move home 

When we plan to move homes, we suddenly evaluate and criticise every room in the house. We see it through the eyes of a potential buyer, and sometimes when a bathroom has truly been "lived in", it needs some updates to thrill a newcomer. Try updating some basic features such as a new bath or a basin, or change the colour of tiles and walls. Making one change can make a big difference to a new set of eyes. 

If you can relate to any of these feelings, then we are here to help! For more information and advice on remodelling your bathroom, contact us at BPM Bathrooms.