Freestanding bathtubs: the common misconceptions

20 Apr

If it's luxury that you're after with your new bathroom design, then a freestanding bathtub will certainly provide that. Having a freestanding tub means that you're creating a clear and defined centrepiece for your bathroom whilst at the same time adding a touch of style. With the popularity of freestanding baths on the rise, we've taken a look at a some of the common misconceptions people have when they're considering adding a freestanding tub to their bespoke bathrooms...

They won't fit in with your design

With freestanding tubs now coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can have your bathroom exactly the way you want it. Whether you have a sleek and minimalist design in mind, or you're after something more bright and bold, you're bound to find a freestanding tub that suits your design. If you're looking to change things up from the standard three-piece white suite that is seen in tons of bathrooms throughout the country, then a freestanding tub can really help you break the mould. 

You will have to reinforce your bathroom floor

Whilst it may be true that once upon a time freestanding tubs were rather heavy duty, there is now a raft of options when it comes to sizes and materials. Freestanding tubs are lighter than ever which means that there is absolutely no reason for you to reinforce your floor just so you can have a freestanding tub fitted.

They're only suitable for large bathrooms

A lot of people think that they require a large bathroom to accommodate a freestanding tub. This may be because they envision a freestanding tub sitting in the middle of the room. This couldn't be further from the truth, whilst it's true that a lot of freestanding tubs have been designed to fit two, there are plenty of freestanding baths with a more compact design that can be positioned against the wall. These smaller single-ended freestanding tubs come with one straight edge, meaning they can be placed flush against your bathroom wall. This means it's entirely possible to have the freestanding look without compromising on your floor space.

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