6 things to consider when designing your dream bathroom

02 May

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the household, which means the need for designer bathrooms is greater than ever. Gone are the days where style is overlooked in favour of functionality, instead bespoke bathrooms combine practicality with the latest trends to help create stylish bathrooms. 

If you’ve recently moved house or your current bathroom is in need of a makeover, then check out these pointers to consider when designing your dream bathroom.

Utilise space 

A good bathroom design is essential when space is hard to come by. Bespoke storage units and a well-planned layout can help make the most of the space you do or don’t have. Keep in mind the needs of your family at all times - if you’re short on space, would a shower be more practical than a bath? Or vice versa. 

Choose quality tiles 

Stylish tiles can turn the bathroom into the focal point of any home. Providing a burst of colour or a strong statement, new tiles can help create a fresh look whilst helping to protect the walls from moisture. 

Incorporate a mirror

A trendy mirror that complements your décor will take centre stage in your contemporary bathroom. Mirrors are great for making your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is. 

Lighting is essential 

Lighting plays a huge role in creating the perfect ambience in the bathroom, so choose fittings that provide a tranquil atmosphere. Think about natural light, too - if you’ve windows in your bathroom, then new blinds could help spruce up the room. 

The finer details can make a huge difference 

By paying attention to the finer details you can create a stylish bathroom without breaking the bank. A new towel rail or toilet roll holder can completely transform your contemporary bathroom without costing you a fortune. 

Try your bath before buying it 

Visiting a bathroom showroom and testing out the bath you want is a great way to make sure it’s fit for purpose. 

Turn your dream designer bathroom into a reality and browse our website or visit our BPM bathroom showroom in Battersea.