How to create a vintage inspired bathroom

09 May

A vintage inspired bathroom has the ability to transport you back in time once you enter. You can create a beautiful space that oozes charm and charisma. There are a variety of vintage styles you can opt for depending on your style and personality. Whether you want to create a vintage inspired haven or just add elements of time throughout the bathroom, here are our top tips on creating that vintage inspired bathroom. 

1. Sinks

Combine a classic and authentic vintage look with the reliable and modern functions of a drainboard sink. Go for a metal basin with vintage inspired taps in Edwardian, Victorian or Antique style to create a classic look. You can opt for a chrome, gold or nickel-plated finish to match your existing decor.

2. Baths 

The staple of a vintage inspired bathroom is the bath. Freestanding baths can grab your guests attention as soon as they walk into a bathroom, and can become the main feature of the room. Go for an oval shape in a cast iron or copper style to really create an old fashioned look. 

3. Apothecary bottles

You can buy old-fashioned glass jars, or search a market for some classics. These are the perfect items to stock bathroom necessities such as liquid soap. Go for colours that match your bathroom design. 

4. Lighting

Brighten your day by choosing vintage inspired antique brass for your bathroom, whether that's a globe sconce or wall sconce. Good lighting helps bring stylish bathrooms to life. 

5. Framed art

Nothing says vintage like a piece of stunning artwork. Try to enliven blank walls with a variety of Victorian-style fauna prints dotted throughout the room. Try one or two pieces, and frame them in a brass or gold inspired frame. 

6. Towel rail

Drape your towels over a beautiful antique pine towel rail. It adds the perfect small detail for subtle elements of vintage design within your bathroom or a wonderful finishing touch for a full vintage space. 

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