The ultimate luxury bathroom

11 May

While most of the rooms in our houses are tailored to our needs for comfort, relaxation, security and aesthetic appeal, the bathroom can often be overlooked as a simple necessity. With the pressures of modern life on the rise, your bathroom is just as important a space for rest and relaxation as your living room. You wouldn’t settle for an uncomfortable sofa, so why should your bathroom be anything less than luxurious? Luckily there are several easy ways in which BPM Bathrooms can help you to bring to life the designer bathroom of your dreams. We’ve put together a wish list, featuring all those little touches of luxury we truly appreciate. 

Underfloor heating

Heated tiles bring an instant sense of relaxation and luxury to your bathroom experience. By controlling the climate under your feet, you’ll be certain to maintain the perfect temperature all through your bathing experience – no more dashing out of the bathroom to avoid cold feet. 

Luxury bath products 

Everyone has their favourite products to use in the bathroom, but storage is often an issue. This is particularly common in shared bathrooms, where counter space can be at a premium. You can stock up on all those necessary indulgences guilt free, thanks to custom designed, built-in bathroom storage to keep all of your favourite products stored neatly out of sight. 

Mood lighting

Take your bathroom ambience to the level of a luxury spa with adjustable lighting to suit and soothe your every mood. Relax and unwind after a long day under some cool blue hues. Energise yourself before a big meeting with peppy orange. Refresh after the gym in rainforest green.

Rainfall shower

While getting caught in the rain isn’t always a pleasant experience, at home you can recreate the gentle fall of rainwater with a luxurious rainfall shower head. With adjustable temperature and spray, and an impressive wide shower head, showers might even overtake the bath in terms of relaxation!

With these simple, yet effective additions you can easily take your bathroom from utility to luxury. Visit our Battersea showroom to discuss your new bespoke bathroom, or contact one of our friendly bathroom experts directly.