Quirky ideas for your bathroom design

22 May

Lots of people love the idea of being different and having unique items in their home that will intrigue and impress their guests. The wonderful thing about having your own home is the ability to make your own imprint through interior design, and in this case, bathroom design. To help you inject a touch of individuality into your bathroom space, we've compiled a list of quirky suggestions: 

1. Chalkboard mirror

Replace the conventional mirror with a black chalkboard mirror and use it as a beacon for inspirational quotes and motivational messages. Sometimes starting the day can be difficult (especially on a Monday!), so this is a perfect way to get your day started! 

2. Paint the radiator

Instead of a conventional white, why not go for pink, green or even blue! The random colour pop will add a quirky edge to your bathroom and catch guests' attention. 

3. Get creative with art

The bathroom is the perfect place for some quirky and fun art as it can brighten up the room in an instance. Why not contrast frames of different colours and sizes to create an eclectic look that brings a hint of sparkle to the bathroom? 

4. Bring the outdoors in

Bring plants into your bathroom to add a fresh hint of nature. Try hanging baskets over the bath, or giant pots in the corner to add a statement to your room. You could also experiment with different coloured plants to add another dimension.

5. Use a ladder

Take an old wooden ladder that isn't much use outside anymore, cut it down to size and use it as a rustic towel rack. It's the perfect way of adding a rustic edge to your bathroom design. 

6. Canopy

Inject some romance into your bathroom by using a canopy instead of shower curtains for your bathtub. This brings new elegance to the room and creates a vibe of sophistication. Pair with a vintage chandelier and you have the ultimate in stylish bathrooms.

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