De-clutter with these clever bathroom storage solutions

20 Jun

Bathroom storage is essential for keeping your bathroom in working order. Tidy and clutter free are key ingredients to make this happen. Whether you’ve got a large family or small bathroom – or both – then you may need some top bathroom storage ideas to help keep your space clutter free. Whether it's one or two storage ideas you need, our tips and tricks for your bathroom design will help squeeze a little more space out of your bathroom.

1. Built-in statement storage

To create a designer bathroom feel, commission bespoke statement storage. Try a fabulous recessed under-basin unit, this will not only bring order to the bathroom, but it's also an eye-catching feature that will impress guests. Both clean and simple, it will work perfectly with whichever colour scheme you opt for. 

2. Mix and match monochrome

Opt for black and white storage for a brilliant colour combination that’s both sophisticated and stylish. Black floating shelves look great against a white-painted wall, as they draw the eye to the accessories arranged on top of them. You can disguise pipes with a purpose-built tiled unit, which can add an extra shelf too! Another idea is to add a set of sleek under-basin drawers to keep practical items and cleaning products out of sight and little one's hands! 

3. 'Hide' away

Use every nook and cranny to your advantage. False walls are a great option. Hide your pipework with a false wall by boxing it behind your toilet or basin - and any space above it can be used for a storage cabinet. The false wall is created by one side having a door and the other glass shelves. A false wall can also be created behind the bath to include shelves – a practical and stylish feature that can also be jazzed up with coloured tiles.

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