Tips for an industrial-style contemporary bathroom

27 Jul

For anyone who loves to experiment with contemporary theming and bold statements, the current trend for creating industrial décor in bathrooms could well be a perfect fit. This is a bathroom design that offers you a great opportunity to relax in a haven of tranquillity that is also stripped down, laid back and authentic.

How do you achieve an industrial style contemporary bathroom?

Walls, ceiling and floor 

If possible, you should integrate a bare brick wall (treated to help prepare it for life in a busy bathroom) - or create a wet room using stone effect walls. Wood flooring matches this theme, and exposed beams can add to the ambience, too.

Try to get as much natural light as possible. If you are building from scratch, a large window or skylight would add something extra to this bathroom theme. Light fittings for this style of bathroom often hang from the ceiling; think about using metal fixtures that echo the look of factory and warehousing lighting.

The colour choices to go in your industrial-themed stylish bathroom would need to be simplistic too. Avoid patterns and fussy combinations. Neutral shades and solid blocks of colour add to the décor, particularly if you use silvers, shades of brown or black and white.

Bathroom furniture and accessories

The emphasis of the industrial style of interior design is combining wood and metal – especially wrought iron. It incorporates repurposed and reclaimed materials and items too, if possible, such as jam jar vases and sewing machine tables.

The great news when putting together a bespoke bathroom on this theme is that you can buy solid, rectangular basins and simplistic toilets, for example. These bring the school cloakroom or factory washroom vibe bang up to date. You could leave pipework exposed on bathroom furniture (a good installer can help you choose appropriate items and accessories).

This could also be the perfect setting for a classically shaped free-standing bath. Possibly even a metal one. 

The industrial style of bathroom looks best uncluttered and as laid bare as possible. So you need to build in plenty of storage for the normal bathroom debris and lotions and potions. The end result will be a great place to relax within a reassuringly “real” space, with echoes of the past to soothe you.

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