3 things to consider for a child-friendly bathroom

06 Oct

Bathrooms are one of the rooms which are essential to the function of a family home. Whether they're sufficient and efficient can make or break the time it takes for children to get ready in the morning and get ready for bedtime at night. Unfortunately, time moves fast and what was once a perfectly designed bathroom for you and your loved one, won't be the easiest room for a child when they come along. Here are some common problems with children and bathrooms, and the solutions to fix them! 

1. Children need easy access to some items, but other items need to be hidden

The solution to this problem is to use storage methods with varying heights. Drawers by the sink should be low enough so that a child can access them for items such as a toothbrush, whereas any items that could cause potential harm such as medicine, cleaning supplies and mums favourite makeup or products should be higher up on the wall, perhaps behind the toilet so that they are beyond reach of prying hands. As another alternative, you could consider giving your child a small cabinet or toy box so that they have a storage option to access towels, toys, and other items as you so wish. 

2. Children are messy, meaning bathrooms can get messy even quicker

The key solution to this problem is to choose durable and easy-to-clean materials for within your bathroom. Choose scratch-resistant countertops, hard-wearing tiles or washable walls. Finishes that can handle any spills or stains are a particularly good idea, for those instances when your child is covered in mud or paint, or when they happen to knock over a whole tub of baby oil. Remember how important it is to consider durability when it comes to choosing your storage options and accessories for your bathroom.

3. Children grow up fast

Don't design a bathroom with rainbow walls and child-like painting on the walls, because in a few years the novelty will have certainly worn off. Create a bathroom that will last the ages by opting for more timeless finishes combined with neutral colours. To add colour, use furnishings and indoor plants. 

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