Choosing the ideal bathtub for your bathroom

06 Oct

The bathtub was once considered a luxury and only for those with a huge bathroom space, but now you can get a stylish and functional tub for your bathroom without breaking the bank. The bathtub isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Sure some people prefer rain showers, but for those who like to unwind at the end of a long week, with a glass of wine and a classic book, you can only do that in a tub.

Choosing the right bathroom means putting into consideration factors like space, your budget, material, functionality, and the aesthetic aspects of the tub. Some of the designs listed here are budget friendly while others will cost more, but they're all classic tub styles that are well worth considering for your bathroom.

The alcove 

This tub is an old favourite for people with a limited budget. It's also go-to for those homeowners with a small bathroom. The alcove is one of the easiest and cheapest tubs to install that will serve the entire family hence considered a general purpose bathtub.

The corner tub

This tub is a variation of the alcove and drop-in tub. It's typically fitted into a corner and features sophisticated and luxurious whirlpools and air. They have a therapeutic feel about them and owners can further customise them with floor LED lights, music, touchpad-control jets, and bubbles. They can be made large enough to fit three or more people inside for pool parties.

The free standing tub

The free standing is a classic tub preferred by those who have massive bathroom space and an inclination to the vintage bathroom designs. They are often not built on the floor and feature the alluring claw foot or slipping stands. The tub draws attention to itself and is made using cast iron, porcelain, or acrylic materials that exude luxury. This tub is typically deeper and mostly used for soaking, as well as being more expensive than the alcove or standard corner tub.

Drop-in tubs

These tubs are usually installed within the floor, hence requiring more area than any other tub. Since they appear at floor level, they create a swimming pool effect in your bathroom. They can be fitted above the floor but will need a frame enclosure that should match other cabinets and tiles. They suit the more contemporary style bathroom, and owners can customise them to add extra features for a more luxurious feeling.

Before you choose the right tub you need to think about the costs, features, space, and experience you want every time you walk into your bathroom. Whether you just want to fulfil the basic necessity to clean your body, or you fancy something a bit different in a tub that creates a fun, soothing atmosphere, remember that there's a tub to suit everyone's personality and style. Contact us for more information.