How colour can impact the mood of your bathroom design

06 Oct

We often hear about colour psychology and how it can impact our mood and wellbeing, but have you ever wondered how it can affect the atmosphere or mood of your home, or in this case, bathroom? Below are some tips and information on choosing colours for your bathroom design that will create the mood you wish. 

How do different colours affect the mood/design of your bathroom?

If you are wishing to create a feeling of relaxation and calm then you should opt for pale shades of blue for your bathroom design. You could also incorporate shades of light green if you'd like to bring more colours together. If, however, the mood you wish to create is that of openness and purity, then a white colour scheme is a good choice. In general, it's best to avoid excessive use of black if your bathroom doesn't receive a lot of natural light. However, if you do want to use black, it's great when it's combined with lighter shades of green, blue or white. 

Should I use more than one colour at a time and why/why not?

Colour combinations are great as long as the colours you intend on using don’t clash. For example, you wouldn’t combine green wall tiles and red floor tiles as the clash is so strong it can bother your eyes and focus. One of the most common colour combinations is black and white because they work well together. A good idea is to use three specific colours when deciding on your bathroom design. You should pick one neutral, one rich and one accent colour. For those who prefer a minimalist bathroom design, using just one colour is also a great idea. This is evident in lots of contemporary bathroom designs as they tend to feature all white, such as tiles, a white bathtub, and various white accessories. 

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