4 different bathroom window treatments you may not have thought of

06 Oct

Bathroom window treatments are much more than just 'jewellery' for your window frames; rather they lend fundamental privacy to the most personal room in the entire household. By choosing the ideal window treatment, you have the ability to not only provide functional coverage for your space but beautify your bathroom, too. 

Below is some window treatment inspiration to combine ample privacy with beautiful decor:

1. Frosting

If you find your shower or bath sits directly next to your window, then you may find that traditional flowing curtains may not suit the space. However, a great alternative is frosted windows. They're impossible to see into but still allow plenty of natural light into the place, which is particularly important for smaller bathroom spaces. If you want to create a look that's more aesthetically pleasing, then try frosting only the lower half of your window.

2. Shutter style

If you find your bathroom has an odd shape or smaller windows, then classic or plantation shutters are a perfect solution. They're both simple yet attractive and you only need to block half of the window to create privacy in the bathroom. 

3. Colour pops

Lots of people tend to stick to one or two basic colour schemes for their bathrooms and you often find that darker colours are easier to keep clean. A bathroom window treatment with a pop of colour and pattern adds texture and visual interest to your space. 

Why not try thick, horizontal stripes? These are easy to mix with a variety of designs and they always look chic. Use colours that really pop, such as vibrant blues or sunny yellows. These shades are bright but blend well with other neutral colours. 

4. Etched glass

Why not, instead of searching for the perfect bathroom window treatment, try designing the window to specifically suit your needs. A popular way to achieve this is by implementing a textured, frosted glass which is then combined with a circular design that is etched in. It not only provides privacy, but it doesn't sacrifice your bathrooms style or natural light. 

If you're interested in updating your bathroom design or creating an entirely new space, then contact BPM bathrooms today. We create bespoke bathrooms tailored to your needs.