Four bathroom design tips for Autumn

12 Nov

Autumn is such a great time of year. The warmer days of summer are behind us and we’ve yet to feel the harsh bite of winter. But what's even better are the beautiful colours we can begin to incorporate into our bathroom design. We’ve come up with some beautiful autumn styles that can stay in fashion in autumn and beyond.

1. Splash out on a copper bathtub

If you're in need of an updated bathtub, then this is the perfect time to change. Not only do copper bathtubs bring in the beautiful orange and brown colours of autumn, they also add a wonderful vintage feel and look to your bathroom. It's a great addition to adding classy autumn style and it will look amazing all year round. 

2. Invest in oak furniture

Nothing sums up classic autumn style like the addition of oak wooden furniture that matches the trees shedding beautiful foliage outside. The best way of incorporating this style into your bathroom design is with storage units in your bathroom. Try pairing dark wooden furniture with lighter walls and floors so that your bathrooms can still retain some natural light and get lost in the dark of winter. 

3. Drape autumn colours over your bath

This is one of the most simple and cheapest ways of bringing autumn to your bathroom design. Simply buy some brown, orange or yellow coloured towels to bring in warm tones. These colours go wonderfully with tiling and cream coloured walls. Or if you don't have a bath, try hanging them on towel rails or stack them on a shelf for that ultimate autumn feeling.

4. Embrace candles

Candles are the perfect way to bring the finishing touches to your autumn bathroom design. Who doesn’t love relaxing in the bathtub with a beautifully scented candle burning to create a cosy atmosphere? With so many candles on the market, you are spoilt for choice, but you should go for scents that are associated with the autumn season. Try natural fragrances such as oak to remind you of walks through the woods or a pumpkin fragrance to capture the essence of Halloween.

If you're wanting to transform your bathroom design this autumn, then get in touch with the team at BPM Bathrooms today.