How to make your bathroom deliciously cosy before winter draws in

12 Nov

When the days grow colder and the nights grow longer, our bodies have an instinctual need for warm and cosy interiors. Once work is done and there is nothing left to do except curl up with a book or take a long soak in the bath, you need somewhere to escape to that offers the sort of sumptuous luxury you’re seeking. 

Your bathroom is the perfect place, and that’s why our team have put together this list of three top tips for you. Written to show you exactly how you can turn yours into a luxuriously lovely haven in time for winter, it should give you all of the inspiration you need to transform your special sanctuary.

1. Lighting 

Creating the perfect cosy ambience is all about choosing the right lighting, and you’d be surprised by how dramatically this can change the atmosphere of your interior. Non-fluorescent lamps and sconces are ideal additions and will let you turn off the main light whilst bathing to make your bathroom seem instantly warmer and more welcoming. Spotlights with a dimmer switch function and scented candles also work well, and can all be incorporated into the development of a cosy cold season aesthetic. 

2. Colours 

Colour has more of an effect than we realise on creating a sense of atmosphere, and it’s another easy and economical way to change the whole feel of a room. Bold, vibrant hues are all wrong for this time of year. Instead, take a look at pale ochres and off-whites that will reflect your mood lighting, or else choose rich autumnal shades to build a warm and wonderfully relaxing aesthetic. 

3. Furnishings and accessories 

If you desire to make some more dramatic changes, we recommend considering the materials you’re using. Enamel basins are much less sterile than stainless steel alternatives, whilst wood will always inject an evocation of rustic simplicity and roaring fires. Distressed surfaces are another clever addition, as the texture they add helps to avoid the cold, almost sparse ambience that so often accompanies clean-cut lines and furnishings. 

To learn more about how our team could help you create your own bespoke bathroom design in time for winter, get in touch with us today.