Don't forget these three features when creating your perfect bathroom

12 Dec

When thinking about your perfect bathroom, you probably focus on choosing major pieces of furniture (such as the bath or WC) and on obvious décor decisions (such as what colour-scheme you want to use on the walls and floors). Here at BPM Bathrooms, however, we believe that small, subtle touches can have a huge impact on your bathroom’s aesthetic. As experts in the field of bathroom design, we want to help you create your dream bathroom. That’s why we’ve created a list of smaller, less obvious bathroom components that you should think about when deciding how your bathroom should look.

1. Taps

The type of taps you choose can dramatically affect the aesthetic of your bath and sink. These, in turn, affect the appearance of your whole bathroom. There are hundreds of different types of taps. Some are deck-mounted, whereas others are floor-standing or wall-mounted. Some have simple, robust designs, whereas others sport more elaborate, delicate patterns. It’s important to think about which type of tap will best complement and reinforce the aesthetic that you want to create. For example, unadorned, streamlined deck-mounted taps are ideal for modern bathrooms, whereas elegant floor-standing taps are better suited to luxuriously traditional bathrooms. 

2. Additional furnishings

Here at BPM Bathrooms, we can help you reinvent your bathroom with a new bath or shower, a new basin and a new WC. However, you should also think about smaller items of furniture (such as mirrors, towel racks and other bathroom mainstays) that you’ll need to source for yourself. These items act as finishing touches and can make a huge difference to your bathroom’s look. We suggest that you start looking for suitable pieces of furniture before you have your bathroom overhauled or redesigned.

3. Windows

The style of your windows (including both the frames and the design of the glass) can have an effect on the overall appearance of your bathroom. That’s why think it’s important for you to think about having new windows fitted once your new bathroom has been installed. Why not start looking for styles that suit the aesthetic of your dream bathroom today?

We’re passionate about bathrooms here at BPM, so we want every aspect of yours to be just right. We can help create a beautiful bathroom based on your requirements and aesthetic preferences. Thinking about the factors we’ve listed in today’s blog will help you put the finishing touches to it.