Creating a bathroom that appeals to all the senses

12 Dec

When thinking about their ideal bathroom, most people only think about how the room will look. They want bathrooms that are pleasing to the eye and aesthetically well-balanced. Obviously, these are excellent qualities and here at BPM Bathrooms, we aim to design visually stunning spaces. However, we also believe that the best bathrooms appeal to the other senses, too. In addition to looking good, a top-quality bathroom should sound good, smell good and feel sublime. In today’s blog, we’ll explain exactly what we mean by that and explore how bathrooms can appeal to senses other than sight.

1. Sound

Your bathroom should be a place where you can retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It should provide peace and respite. Obviously, if a lot of external noise is allowed to intrude into your bathroom, it won’t be a peaceful haven. That’s why it’s important for bathrooms to be designed in a way that minimises outside noise. A well-designed bathroom will be insulated from outside noise or possess acoustic qualities that keep it quiet. When you’re taking a bath or enjoying a shower, the only sounds you should hear are the gentle splash of water and your own relaxed breathing.

2. Smell

It’s absolutely essential for bathrooms to smell fresh and clean. That’s why a beautifully designed bathroom should have great ventilation that allows air to circulate. This will keep the bathroom smelling sweet without the need for air fresheners and other accoutrements.

3. Touch

Your bathroom is a practical space, so it needs to be comfortable. The bath should be the right size and shape for you so that you can use it without discomfort. The surfaces should be made from materials that don’t get excessively hot or cold so you can always touch them, and they should provide subtle grip and comfort when walking barefoot. It's also important that surfaces and screens are protected against regular cleaning, so as not to warp, discolour or degrade, and they should be able to accommodate high levels of water and moisture without suffering the effects of damp. In short, your bathroom must appeal to your tactile sensibilities as well as your aesthetic preferences.

Here at BPM, we’re proud to design bespoke bathrooms that look great but also appeal to the other senses. If you want a stylish designer bathroom that feels comfortable, smells beautiful and provides genuine peace and quiet, get in touch with us today.